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Do., 25. Feb.



Incarnation * Healing Meditation

Lets heal your incarnation into your body and your arrival on earth, loving your inner child back to life.

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Incarnation * Healing Meditation
Incarnation * Healing Meditation

Zeit & Ort

25. Feb. 2021, 18:30 – 20:00 MEZ


Über die Veranstaltung

Together we will go on a journey - back to your heart and the time when  you were on your way to incarnate in your body to discover the world as a child. Healing your arrival in your physical body, in the womb of your mother and in this world.

In doing so, we release old emotions that no longer serve you and  prevent you from letting your inner child - past and present - play and discover life with joy and ease. On our journey we allow limitless  and unconditional love to heal all that pain that you encountered on your way through incarnation, in the womb and in your childhood.

In this guided meditation we will use a few rounds of Rebirthing breathwork, followed by a ThetaHealing® meditation and group healing session.

Investment: € 22

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